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Full time in local time zone.

Manage and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel.

Support the sales team in converting leads into customers.

Enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction.


  • Implement lead management processes and workflows.
  • Qualify and prioritise leads based on defined criteria.
  • Nurture leads through targeted communication and engagement.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to understand lead requirements and provide necessary support.
  • Track and analyse lead behaviour and engagement to identify potential conversion opportunities.
  • Utilise marketing automation and CRM systems to manage and track lead interactions.
  • Provide regular reports and insights on lead management performance.
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to align lead management strategies with overall business objectives.
  • Stay updated on lead management best practices and industry trends.


  • Strong understanding of lead management processes and strategies.
  • Proficiency in CRM systems and marketing automation tools.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and identify trends.
  • Knowledge of sales processes and customer journey mapping.
  • Detail-oriented and organized.
  • Collaborative and team-oriented mindset.


  • CRM systems (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Analytics platforms

Hire Virtual Lead Managers to Boost Your Sales

When you need to convert potential leads into loyal customers cost-effectively, choosing to hire lead managers outsourced through Trust The Process is an excellent strategy. Our services include handling all logistics and paperwork, removing the stress of finding suitable candidates, and allowing you to shift focus to other crucial areas of your business.

Benefits of Hiring a Lead Manager VA

The benefits of opting to outsource virtual lead managers include:

  • Reduced demands on your time
  • Lower costs
  • Access to a motivated, well-educated workforce
  • No logistical stresses or complex paperwork
  • Easily assessable results and conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

How Do I Hire Lead Managers Through Your Service?

Because we have unrivalled access to top-tier individuals, hiring virtual lead managers through TTP could not be easier or more effective. Simply contact us to start the outsourcing process, and we’ll guide you from there.

What Skills Do Your Virtual Lead Managers Specialise In?

When you hire lead managers through TTP, you can expect to encounter highly trained, motivated individuals who are experts in all aspects of lead conversion, including:

  • Identifying and prioritising potential leads and conversion opportunities.
  • Adhering to existing lead-management protocols and expected working processes.
  • Developing leads and increasing engagement through courteous, professional follow-ups and well-informed support.
  • Working closely with sales teams.
  • Tracking leads and providing detailed, accurate reports.
  • Locating and highlighting conversion trends.
  • Aligning marketing strategies and lead management requirements with wider objectives.
  • Using technology to assist in identifying, analysing, and facilitating lead opportunities.
  • Awareness of industry trends and preferences.

How Can a Lead Manager VA Impact My Sales Targets?

At TTP, we have unparalleled access to virtual lead managers who can use their in-depth understanding of lead management tactics and use the following attributes to drive conversions and sales:

  • Expert knowledge of marketing automation tools and CRM system.
  • High-level English, excellent communication, and relationship-building skill.
  • Dedicated ‘team players’ who assist overall goals.
  • Exceptional ability to interpret data and study analytics.
  • Advanced understanding of sales requirements, processes, and customer preferences.
  • Organised, meticulous approach.

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