Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?

Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?

Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?

The simple answer is because your time is precious. Time is the key limiting factor within nearly every small business. The business owner is trying to wear all the hats in the business – making the sales, delivering the product, scheduling the staff as well as trying to keep on top of the cash and accounting. It’s a never ending juggle. There just simply is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

In any business there are activities which are high value and high impact and others which are more administrative and routine. The high value activities takes the business to the next level, they empower the business to reach its full potential. Examples of these are strategic planning, product development, building and maintaining relationships with clients. The lower value activities may include invoicing, inbox management, databasing and competitor research. Not saying these tasks are not important, getting paid certainly is very important. However, these activities are largely routine, administrative in nature. They are the sort of activity that gets the business through the next hour or the next day and do not directly contribute to revenue generation.

A key indicator to determine whether a task has the potential to be delegated to a VA is the level of repeatability. If you are doing this activity every day, or every week or at the same point of a delivery cycle, then you can likely capture it in a procedure or ‘how-to guide’.

Once we are able to capture these low-value activities in ‘how-to-guides’, we are ready to integrate a Virtual Assistant. The ‘how-to-guides’ provide the basis of the training manual to help you keep control of the processes within your business.

The best thing of all about a VA is what you can do with your time once you delegate the administrative tasks. Apart from the fact they are extremely cost effective, intelligent, computer savvy and hard-working, the change they can make in your life allows you to focus on…. Well whatever you want. Spend more time on your business strategy, product development, family and friends or even… yourself.

Appreciate the value of your time, it’s really just another word for life.

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