Tasks Mortgage Brokers Can Delegate to A Virtual Assistant

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Being a mortgage broker is an extremely challenging job in this current climate. To operate at a competitive level, brokers need to perform a vast array of tasks.

However, these tasks work as a double-edged sword. In wanting to do everything, brokers end up doing very little. To make things worse, being busy with non-essential tasks takes away precious time from being in front of clients.

Brokers who are seemingly able to achieve so much more have their secret weapons: virtual assistants (VAs). VAs are productivity game-changers when it comes to freeing up time from a hectic schedule.

Here are the top tasks mortgage brokers can delegate to virtual assistants.

Transcription jobs

Communication is the most important thing for providing stellar service to clients. Mortgage brokers can have their meetings and other interactions with clients documented through a recording device. The recordings can be handed off to VAs to be transcribed. Once a system of documentation is in place, brokers can be assured that they are always on top of their communications.

This also allows brokers to be more focused on being present in meetings. Just press record on the recorder and just focus on connecting properly with the people in the meetings.

Customer relationship-related tasks

Keeping records is as essential as it is very time-consuming. If needed, VAs can take over customer relation management (CRM) software. With a little familiarisation, VAs can help assure every aspect of the business is well recorded in the CRM software.

Monitoring the status of customer relationships can make or break a business. If a broker can maintain good relationship with customers, businesses will keep coming in and referrals will naturally follow.

Manning the telephone

Of course, customer relationship goes beyond software. VAs can also make follow up calls or simply reach out to the client base to see how their day is going.

VAs are adaptive at taking on tasks that require calling someone. For example, VAs can also take on the task of calling the bank to monitor the status of a loan.

The application of leveraging a VA to make calls is vast. But of course, the secret ingredient to delegation is to implement a system so productivity is assured with just minimal supervision.


A common paradox for mortgage brokers is how to increase their business when their time is tied up servicing clients. The simple solution to that is to delegate marketing tasks to VAs. This way mortgage brokers can increase their market reach while still having their focus on their clients intact.

Marketing tasks could include managing social media, writing newsletters, blogging, creating graphics, producing videos, and much more.


Mortgage brokering is a very competitive field. With that in mind, every advantage should be leveraged and every amount of time that can be freed up should be freed up.

VAs can certainly help with both gaining advantages over competitors and freeing up a tight schedule. Though different brokers might have different needs or gaps in their business, VAs with specific competencies and skill levels can be handpicked to be tailor-fitted to a broker’s specific needs.

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