2024 Marketing Trends

Marketing trends 2024

In 2024, a wave of exciting opportunities unfolds for business owners and marketers aiming to build audiences, convert customers and elevate their brand. With a transformative shift in technology, platform sophistication, and a deep human desire for connection, this year promises to be a game-changer for those savvy enough to adapt and take advantage of the shifting marketing landscape of 2024.


We chatted with Stephanie Waters, the visionary Founder of Content Smith, a leading growth-focused digital marketing agency dedicated to empowering small businesses throughout Australia in scaling and prospering through strategic marketing. Waters shares insights on the pivotal trends that will define marketing in 2024.


#1 Build Your Personal Brand

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and AI, we’re at risk of losing that human-touch. Those that focus on creating strong personal branding will take centre stage in 2024. Waters urges marketers and business owners to remember: “We’re human and we crave connection, not corporate robots.”. Focus is on crafting your personal narrative, emphasising storytelling, creating authenticity - and do it consistently.


#2 Create Results Internally vs Externally

The role of marketing agencies is evolving. Waters notes, "The days of blindly handing over marketing budgets and hoping for magic are over […] Think of us as coaches and mentors.” 

Waters recommends that small businesses tap into the strategic expertise of agencies, seek assistance in mastering tools and use them to set up your marketing systems. With marketing platforms becoming more user-friendly, the management of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and others can be handled in-house.


#3 Capture and Convert through Video Content 

In 2024, it's time to reconsider your video utilisation strategy on each marketing platform for optimal results. Waters emphasises three key approaches:

  1. Boost engagement with short-form videos on YouTube and Instagram Reels.
  2. Enhance conversions through short-form content on Instagram Stories.
  3. Stay vigilant on TikTok for the emergence of long-form videos. Yes, you read that correctly. TikTok aims to encourage videos around 30 minutes or more to facilitate monetisation and create ad space.

Regarding your short-form videos, Waters suggests, "Consider behind-the-scenes glimpses, interactive polls, product or booking links, and customer testimonials - all condensed into bite-sized, binge-worthy clips.”


#4 Execute Omnichannel 

To reach customers across diverse platforms, an omnichannel approach is crucial - whereby you market on many different platforms. According to Waters, cohesion between channels is paramount, with a need for every touchpoint to operate "within a strong marketing framework or funnel with the overall brand narrative."

#5 Simplify Your Content 

In 2024, content must be simple, authentic, and frequent. Waters advises against "highly edited photos and over-produced videos with elaborate setups," advocating for realness, relatable moments, and a transparent journey. This approach fosters relatability, likability and a loyal following that inevitably drives growth.


#6 Tell More Stories

Understanding the aspirations, pain points, and values of your target audience forms the basis for constructing a compelling brand narrative. Waters underscores the significance of clearly defining the brand's purpose and seamlessly integrating it into the narrative. This involves sharing "authentic and emotional stories, utilising brand colours, and incorporating a powerful call to action."


Waters advises looking beyond the founder’s story, encouraging the sharing of experiences such as acquiring the first customer, launching a new product or service, presenting case studies, testimonials, and lessons learned on the journey.


#7 Technology

Looking ahead, AI and automation will play a crucial role in content marketing. Waters emphasises leveraging it to create personalised experiences, engage customers, process data and derive insights. Tools like ChatGPT, Perplexity and Fathom are highlighted as top tools for every small business to leverage in 2024. 

Waters, cautions that “Most of us can see AI content published without edits a mile away.”, so to maintain your reputation use the tool ethically and view them as a tool to support your own marketing efforts. 


Overall, 2024 is full of opportunities for business owners and marketers looking to level up their growth strategy. 

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