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A big week at Avalon Airshow and now you're back in the office. Did you just lose touch with 80% of your Avalon leads? It's not too late. 
Booth life at an exhibition can be a tough gig. All that smiling, all those business cards, then finally it's all over (ENDEX) and we're all on our way home again. Spending all that time and effort (and money) is wasted if you don't capture, connect and convert your leads. 
The way we fix this is through the implementation of CRM, or customer relationship management tools. A CRM is the platform where we capture all the leads we gathered, then start the journey of connection, then we do the dance of working out if we're the right fit for each other until finally we close with conversion. 
Capture. Most of us had QR codes, or some other form of lead capture. But a QR code to where? Hopefully it's not to your email (add another 100 into your exploding inbox), or to a Jotform type of platform where they're all static. Getting them straight into the CRM ensures you have not broken the first cardinal rule of conference life - don't leak leads. Jotform or other type of lead capture isn't good enough. Why? Because there is no automated 'so-what' or 'next steps' built into the platform. Your CRM should have the capability to segment and start the next steps of connecting with your new contact. 
Connection. So... after the initial enthusiasm of the exhibition is over, how much does that person whose card you collected really understand about you and your business. Are you going to jump straight for the close, like a single soldier just back from a 9 month deployment on Tinder? Or are you going to nurture, educate and woo your potential prospect, building a relationship that will be enduring and substantial. They way to achieve this is through your marketing email content. Be gentle, think about the relationship your trying to culture and think about sending the right message at the right time. 
Convert. There are some out there, but very few relationships from Avalon Airshow that will be ready to purchase straight away. You will have to create a 'stairway of understanding' between you and your prospect to bring them on the journey. We do this through our pipeline stages in the sales process. A simple example might be 
Aware - Engaged - Interested - Discovery - Solution creation - Solution Demonstration -  Solution Presentation - Follow up. 
All of this is done in a simple software platform that is intuitive, is accessible through your mobile devices and drives everything through smart automation. Your CRM should deliver four clear results
  1. One source of truth. Keep your information at the collective, not individual level. Don't let one person's disorganisation cost your business leads.
  2. A sales process that can't leak. Set your pipelines up so you clearly understand your customer journey.
  3. Marketing automation to convert. Send the right message at the right time. Try a 4-1-1 content pillar. 4 pieces of interesting information to share with your prospect, then one referral or testimonial, then one call to action which entices your prospect to take the next step. 
  4. Data driven decision. At the highest level your CRM should answer the following question. 'Is what I'm doing working?' If the data shows it is, do more of it. If the data shows it isn't, then test and adjust and try something else. Every dollar of revenue should be able to be attributed to a marketing and sales effort. Search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, socials, conference and expos, referrals. Your revenue dollar needs to be attributed to drive data. 
This isn't going to get done with a jacket pocket full of business cards or your Jotforms static list
If you would like to have a 15min chat to understand how to use a CRM to ensure you drive ROI from every time and dollar you spend at Avalon, click the link below and book in a chat with the Team from Trust the Process. There are a variety of CRM to choose from. Active Campaign or CRM HubSpot to name a couple. If you're not sure which one is right for you, let's have a chat. 
Speak to a HubSpot expert
Alternatively, email hello@trusttheprocess.com.au or call 0438 199 781 to make it happen. 
CRM - simple, effective automation driven platform to drive your marketing and sales performance. Stop the leaks! Implement CRM. 

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