Do You Need A Recruitment Virtual Assistant? - Checklist

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Recruitment takes a lot of work for businesses of all sizes. It takes a lot of work to source, screen and eventually hire great talent—and it takes people with varying expertise to fulfil these tasks. There’s one time-tested, cost-effective solution that can help make you more efficient: hiring a recruitment virtual assistant (recruitment VA). But how do you know if you need a recruitment VA?

You’re spending a lot of time on admin tasks

The most obvious sign that you need a recruitment VA is when you’re spending more time on administrative tasks than on actual screening and hiring of candidates. A recruitment VA can help you with database management, appointment setting, CV formatting and editing—all so you’re ready to start screening candidates right off the bat.

You’re a one-person team

When you’re just starting out, you don’t start out with a full-fledged team—more often than not, you’re doing the tasks of multiple roles yourself, which takes you away from your area of expertise: recruitment. If you feel like things are falling through the cracks, such as your recruitment process taking too long, being unable to respond to applicant queries right away, or missing important paperwork, you will benefit from the help of a recruitment VA.

You need additional expertise

If you’re a recruitment specialist, your specialty is in sourcing talent—but to do that, you have to put out content, market your open positions in the right channels, prepare CV formats, and update contact databases—just to name a few. These are time-consuming and require specific expertise in copywriting, social media management, and digital marketing—skills that you can find in a virtual assistant.

You’re looking for low-cost staffing solutions

For many years, outsourcing virtual assistants has helped businesses cut costs—which is helpful especially if you’re a fledgling business just starting out and you need to maximise your resources. By hiring a recruitment VA, you can get the expertise you need at a lower price, allowing you to take that money saved and reinvest it back into your business.

You’re recruiting from another time zone

With many businesses going digital, your customer base isn’t restricted to your locale. This means you’re probably also hiring staff to cater to customers from different time zones. Hiring a recruitment VA gives you the capability to handle these candidates from different time zones, so they’re all prepped in real time and ready by the time your VA hands them over to you for screening.

If you have a check mark for each of these points, that means you definitely will benefit from having a recruitment virtual assistant. But before you go out hiring one, make sure you understand a few things first:

  • Know what your recruitment VA can and can’t do for you. Don’t expect them to handle more complicated tasks, and make sure you’re clear on directions so they can fulfil their tasks effectively.
  • Make sure your systems and procedures are set up properly first. A good recruitment VA provider can help audit your existing procedures and systems and help you get set up for outsourcing success.
  • You’re ready to give someone autonomy to do their job. Because a recruitment VA works remotely, you have to be ready to give them a little bit of freedom—all while still guiding them in their tasks. If you’re not ready to turn over the non-core tasks, you might not be ready for a VA.

Want to learn more about recruitment virtual assistants? Make sure to check out our Virtual Assistants page or get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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