How to create a note

A quick explanation on how to create notes within your deals:

Logging a Note


1. Navigate to the contact, company, deal, or ticket you'd like to log a note on. 

2. Click on the note tab and type your note.

Mention & Notify someone in your Note

You can tag a co-worker in a note by typing @ followed by their name (example: @johndoe) - HubSpot will automatically notify the user that you have tagged them in a note via email or a notification in their HubSpot portal. 

Note: In order to @ mention someone and notify them of a note they must have access to HubSpot.

New note in HubSpot-1

3. Check that your note is associated with the contact, company, deal, and/or ticket it's related to

Sample Note in HubSpot | Instructions

Note: HubSpot will automatically record the note to the timeline of all associated records.

4Click Save note

Pin a Note to The Top of a Record in HubSpot

You can pin a note on any contact, company, deal, or ticket record timeline in HubSpot - a pinned note will appear at the top of the timeline for all users in your HubSpot portal. 


1. Navigate to the record of the contact, company, deal, or ticket you'd like to pin a note to.

2. Locate the note you'd like to pin (or create a new one using the instructions above) on the record timeline. 

3. In the upper right side of the note, click Actions > Pin (once a note has been successfully pinned, an orange pin icon will appear on the upper right corner of the note).

Note: You can only pin one note per record - to unpin a note, click Actions Unpin.